Gormet Filled Sea Animals

Weaver Nut, Sweets, and Snacks

I don't really understand the appeal of eating gummy sea creatures. Even more, I don't understand the idea that these particular sea creatures that are filled with a liquid center. When I think about eating real seafood, the last thing I would want is a liquid center, I would hope my seafood is cooked all the way through. I will concede that the shapes that they chose worked fairly well for the candy, if you forget that they're sea creatures. Most of them are big enough that there's a bit of gooey center in each. Some of the shapes held more goo than others, but I guess that's the fun. I also appreciated that the center stuff doesn't explode in my mouth, it's more like a subtly different texture instead. If it was gooey bugs or something like that, I would have wanted a gooey explosion.

Taste wise they tasted fine. I couldn't tell what flavour they were supposed to be, but whatever it is was fine. Each colour had a slightly different flavour, but I would have liked much more definition in each different flavour. Perfect gummies taste good and leave no speculation as to what flavour it might be, these aren't perfect but at least they tasted OK. I would say that the crowning achievement of these gummies is the texture. They're very soft with a little bit of resistance. It's like a jelly that's a little difficult to get through. This to me is the perfect texture for a gummy. They also didn't stick to my teeth too much, another bonus.

These are fine gummies, not the best in the world, but fine.