Gummy Candy Corn Swirls


I can't begin to tell you how disappointed I am with these gummy Candy Corn Swirls. The only thing going for them is that they actually taste like candy corn. If you dislike candy corn, as I've learned many people do, you're going to be even more disappointed than I was with these gummies than I am. I've already reviewed gummy candy corns before, and taste wise these are pretty much the same (first disappointment, why not improve the flavour?).

The biggest disappointment is the way they look. If you saw these in a bulk bin you probably wouldn't assume that they're gummy candy corns. They look nothing like candy corns, not even in the slightest. Since I've reviewed gummy candy corns before, I know that it's possible to make a gummy that looks fairly similar to a candy corn. So why in the world would you make a gummy that doesn't look like a candy corn, candy corn flavoured. There were so many better choices that the candy company who makes these could have made, and in my opinion they chose wrong.

I think the best course of action would have been to choose another flavour. Why not make these into a Creamsicle flavoured gummy. I see these and I think of orange and cream, it would have been perfect. Or even go further on a limb and try a mango lassi (a popular Indian drink), that would have blown me away and garnered huge novelty points. The other option would be to try and shape these into more accurate representations of candy corns, but as I said before, I've already reviewed a gummy candy corn, so that wouldn't be clever at all.
This candy is not gross at all (unless you hate candy corn), but it's just very disappointing.