I consider gummies to be one of the most versatile candies of the modern world. They can take on almost any shape imaginable, and almost any colour (I've never seen a metallic gummy yet). Some gummies are fun and fanciful in their design, and some are ultra realistic. I really consider gummies to be the tool that many modern candy creators are making some of the most artistic candy ever. Haribo is really the company on the forefront of gummies, and they always have been, after all they invented them.

Haribo generally doesn't disappoint with their gummies, and this is really no exception. These gummy turtles are soft, chewy, and perfectly sized. The problem I have with these is really in the details. The flavour of these gummies is OK. Each gummy represents one of 3 different flavours, although I couldn't make out exactly what flavour they were supposed to be. The colours are fine as well, but they could have been brighter, also the colours of the bottom portions didn't really make sense (but I can excuse that and say it was a creative choice). The biggest problem I had with these however was the texture.

By design the turtle shape seems like a good shape to make gummies with a gooey center. The dome shape should hold a decent portion of soft goo, but the problem was it didn't. I had several turtles that leaked all over the bag and left a sticky mess on my fingers. The other issue I have with the texture is the lack of experimentation. Sure, Haribo is world famous for their gummies, but I want to know why they don't experiment more with mixing up textures. I think a gummy turtle with a crunchy coating on the shell would have been awesome. It would be so appropriate for these gummy turtles to have a fun crunchy shell.

I can't say I'm disappointed with these gummies, but I do think with a little creativity I could have been blown away. I'm glad Haribo is still making fun gummies, but I really think they're not making the creative leaps they once did, and one of those leaps gave us the gummy bear in the first place.