Mother Of Pearl


This treat grabbed me for one reason and one reason only, it's a gummy oyster. Who in the world thought this was an appealing idea for kids? How many kids in your life have you seen eating a gummy worm and asking why they can't make more gummies based off jewellery giving crustaceans? Sure, I know adults eat candy too, but I know for a fact that the big candy market in the world is the kids’ market, that's why we see so many cartoon and candy lines crossing. It just seems like a really weird theme for a fun candy.

From an eating standpoint the flavour’s not bad, it's fruity but not too strong. I'm not a big fan of most opaque white gummies because the texture tends to be a little marshmallow like, instead of the standard gummy chewy texture. This opaque white gummy on the other hand is super chewy and the pearl thing seems to be some sort of really hard candy. In fact, I almost chipped a tooth when I bit into it. For a few seconds the thought crossed my mind that this might be a real peal. The pearl is a little disappointing in the flavour department; in fact, it's pretty much flavourless.

I just bit through the pearl and there was no treasure, it was just a ball of sugar with no flavour at all. It's a shame considering how flavourful the gummy was. While the gummy is okay, I’m guessing this treat really tries to focus more in the novelty area, although an oyster is a strange direction to go.