Gummy Sushi


I think I had the same fear as many do when they first bite into one of these treats: fish flavoured gummy. Fortunately, I was wrong. I’ve written before on this site about how much I’d love to try weird flavoured gummy candies. When I see gummies in strange shapes based on other foods, I always imagine how cool it might be to have the gummy taste like what it looks like. This would be the one time I was really hoping that these were not fish flavoured. I think fish flavoured gummies would be awful.

What you get in this package of Gummy Sushi are little fishy-looking gummies (fruit flavoured) with little marshmallow rice balls with what I can only say is a chocolate center in the rice. On a cute scale it's pretty high, although the rice looks more like... well... a marshmallow. It really doesn't look like rice, but I'm not sure how you would otherwise make candy rice. So, I really can't complain, although the texture is a little strange. Gummy and marshmallow are two strange textures as it is, similar but strange, so when you mix them together, it just makes your mouth feel like it's stuck on a New York Times crossword puzzle.

The taste, on the other hand, is actually really good. I have to hand it to Japanese candy makers; they know how to work the gummy flavours. For the most part almost all fruity gummy flavours I've tried from Japan have been really good.

Other important kudos have to go to the packaging. I don't get it but it was really entertaining.