Gummy Teeth


It's often fairly hard to pick out gummies I want to review. I really have to find something novel about them to bother taking the time to photograph them, write a review, and format it on the site. The only other reason I might review a gummy is if they’re fairly popular, or at least in demand on the review front. The reason I say this is because gummies are so versatile that they come in so many shapes and colours but often the texture and flavour are pretty much the same. Now I'm sure candy makers and gummy fans alike will challenge me on this, but I guess I'll just have to live with that.

So why did I pick these gummy teeth? Well the thing that really struck me was the fact that they're not fangs. They're just regular old teeth waiting to get eaten. I think that's kind of neat, in a really simple way. So, I guess what I'm saying is I like them because they're not really that interesting, which then blows the point of the opening paragraph.

As far as taste and texture goes, they're fruity and chewy, just like a good gummy should be. These ones seem to be pretty well flavourful on the spectrum of gummy flavours. It’s some kind of fruity flavour, but I’d have a hard time telling which fruit it’s supposed to be. They take a bit of work to chew but not so bad, after the third set of Gummy Teeth my jaw didn’t hurt or anything. I guess they're average, and now that I've finished writing this review, I'm wondering why I did.

Ha yeah, it’s because they look like a creepy set of average teeth.