October 2021











Molasses Kisses


There are few candies in the world that instill fear into me. Really spicy treats make me worried, but that’s mostly because I don’t like spicy food. This is also a general category of candy, and frankly I’ve had spicy candies that I didn’t mind too much, mostly because the spice wasn’t too strong. These Molasses Kisses on the other hand make me nervous every single time I see them. It has to do with a past experience where I ate one of these candies during a Halloween party while waiting in line to go into a haunted house. The Molasses Kiss was super hard and I chipped my tooth on it. The pain in my mouth was one of the most intense pains I’d felt up till that point, and the running through a haunted house with that amount of pain was horrible. To this day I still hate haunted houses too.

It was a few years later that I decided to start this website, and I’ve been avoiding eating another Molasses Kiss ever since. That’s all changed this year as I’ve decided to give the Kisses another chance. That or I’ll make sure that everyone is warned, depending on the results.

The first thing I’ll say about these particular Molasses Kisses is they’re very soft. I have distinct memories of having to really work at these in the past, so this means one of two things. Either the ones I ate in the past were really stale, or they’ve changed the recipe. These particular Molasses Kisses are very soft, melt in your mouth soft. Just based on these particular Kisses alone I would say that the texture of these is really great. Based on my history I never thought these would get a perfect 5 in texture, but I can’t see why not.

Flavour wise they’re a little weird. You have to really like the flavour of molasses to enjoy these. While I really like to bake with molasses, I don’t really like it on its own. I find the flavour to be a little too acidic or even burnt. There’s definitely something in these that smooths out the molasses flavour, so it’s not too bad. I just think I’d rather be eating a nice soft Kraft Caramel over one of these.

I’m not really sure how to rate these on a novelty scale. Frankly they’re not the most interesting candy in the world. The package art is okay, but the candy itself is just an odd blob of brown goo. I will admit that I’m having a hard time separating my horrible memories from this candy as well, so keep that in mind for the novelty score. I’ve also decided to try an experiment, to see if I’d been eating old Molasses Kisses before, or if they changed their recipe. I’ve decided to hang onto a handful of these and I’m going to try them again next year.