Koala "Halloween"


If you've ever eaten Koalas before, you're in for no surprise whatsoever. That's because these are almost exactly the same as the original Koala cookie treats made by Lotte. The differences are so minimal that I think if you want to know what I think about eating these, you might as well just read the old review (click here to read it). Now I'll spend as much time as possible explaining the very subtle difference in order to make sure that you don't feel ripped off by this review.

The first difference you'll notice is that the package is all dressed up for Halloween. There's all kind of pumpkins and general Halloween theming all over the box. There are also two little costume craft projects built into the box. At the top and bottom, you can pull off a couple of tabs and make yourself a bow tie. You can either attach it around your neck or in your hair, whatever you choose. There's also a small mask on the side of the box that you can cut out and wear, but it looks like it will only fit a small child and not a grown man (sadness).

After you're finished playing with the box, you'll notice the second difference with the cookies themselves. Normally the koala depicted on the cookies are doing everyday things, and wearing everyday clothes (for people not koalas). But in this version of the treat the koalas are wearing Halloween attire, including jack-o-lanterns and witches’ outfits. Some of the costumes were a little hard to decipher, but I'll assume they're Halloween related.

Both of these differences are fun, and are Halloween themed, but they really didn't add much at all. I would hope that for Halloween you could go a little more extreme and maybe go with a fun flavour (pumpkin spice?), or maybe a new shape (bats perhaps). While I did enjoy eating my Koala cookies, I really didn't feel any more festive, or scared.