Haribo Academy Pik


Before I even start eating these gummies, I need to try and understand their choices for the shapes of these gummies. The main descriptor in the name of these gummies is "Academy". When I hear the word academy, I think of two things, funny movies from the 80s about police officers, and schools. I'm guessing that these gummies have nothing to do with the movies (but oh how I wish Haribo would make Police Academy gummies), so my guess is that these are supposed to be school themed. The problem is that the concept seems to fall apart immediately.

There are two gummies in this collection that could, with a little imagination, fit into the academy theme, that would be the red soda, and the purple finger (it's supposed to represent one of those foam fingers you see at sporting events or pep rallies). If you really stretched it you might also be able to include the blue star into this category as well, but it's a bit of a stretch. After that things fall apart, the yellow taxi has nothing to do with academy and the orange hoop even less. There's supposed to be a green dollar sign as well, but my bag of gummies did not come with one, which is really another big problem on its own.

If we take away the confusing shapes and colours, they are fairly average gummies. The orange hoop tastes like orange, nothing too spectacular about it, but it's fine. The blue star is some kind raspberry flavour, pretty tasty. The yellow taxi is probably the strangest flavour of them all, I would say it's kind of a bubble gum flavour. The purple finger is also a little odd, it's pretty much a cola flavour. The red soda thing is kind of fruit punch like, maybe with a bit of watermelon. The green dollar signs... well as mentioned before, I didn't get any.

Texture wise they're all fine. I would rank them as fairly chewy, and a little tough to get through. Your jaw might be a little sore by the time you finish a bag of these. The sour powder is also okay, it's not too bad, but it balances well with all the flavours.

In general, I'm more confused about these than anything else. I don't understand the random shapes, and I don't understand the flavour of the yellow taxis and purple fingers.