Haribo Orangina Pik


I think this gummy makes sense. For those of you that aren't familiar with Orangina, it's a drink that was invented by a Spaniard named Augustin Trigo Mirallès during an Algerian trade fair. It's a very popular drink in many parts of Europe. As you can tell by the name, it is orange flavoured, but it's not like your average orange flavoured soda pop. Orangina has a tarter flavour, and tends to taste a bit more like orange juice mixed into soda water than an overly sweet orange soda. I generally find that some people hate it, and others love it. I fall more into the love it category.

The reason Orangina makes for a good gummy is the fact that it's a very specific citrus flavour. It's one that doesn't seem odd in the gummy area either. While the concept for these gummies are pretty good, the execution is not perfect. The first problem is that these gummies are much sweeter than Orangina, or at least the orange flavoured gummies in this bag of gummies are sweeter than Orangina. This leads to the second problem with these gummies. This bag of gummies comes with three colours of gummies. A pink, red, and yellow gummy. None of them are really orange in colour, although the yellow seems to be representing the orange flavour. The pink and red gummies a little more like cherry and strawberry than anything citrus. This is a little odd since Orangina is orange.

It could be that there's some kind of flavoured Oranginas that I don't know about, or it could be that Haribo just felt that they had to add other flavours. Either way it kind of takes away from the classic Orangina theme in my opinion. It would have also been nice if the yellow gummies were a little more orange in colour as well.

It's not that these are bad in any way, and the orange flavoured gummies do evoke Orangina. I'm just not convinced that the other colours were a good idea, and I think they could have been a bit more tart.

(Note – It turns out that Orangina has other flavours of orange drink including blood orange and red orange. So that will explain the other colours, but not really the flavours.)