Man, there is something about "English Toffee" that I just love. This bar isn't the best English toffee I've ever tried, but it's not bad. The crunchy toffee center in this particular case doesn't stick to your teeth as much as with other English Toffee bars I’ve eaten in the past. The problem is that it's not nearly as tasty as something like a Skor bar. It's as if they dumbed down the strong flavour of English Toffee in an attempt to make it less sticky.

When you look at the balance of this bar, this lack of flavour is a really bit problem. The chocolate is ok, it’s not the best I’ve ever eaten, but it’s not that bad either. The big problem is that chocolate has a really strong flavour in comparison with the mellow taste of the toffee. That pretty much makes the chocolate a little overpowering.

A good hard toffee should be pretty strong in its flavour, and this bar really doesn't have that. A good strong toffee should be sweet, but it should also have a bit of a burnt or nutty flavour. By the time I'm into the chocolate, the toffee flavour is almost all gone, and after finishing this bar I get none of the toffee aftertaste that I love.

I definitely recommend you try a Skor bar first if you want the real sensation of English toffee. This bar is ok, but it really lacks the flavour combination you want.