Hershey's "Mixed Nuts"


The thing about Hershey’s is that they really understand simplicity. Simplicity isn't an easy thing either; there are two very difficult rules to follow to get it right. First of all, you have to avoid doing anything rash or stupid. If you're going to make a chocolate bar the main ingredient should be chocolate. Second the quality has to be fairly good, after all if all you have is chocolate and nuts, it better be great chocolate and fine nuts.

With the case of this Hershey’s Mixed Nuts bar, as always, things seem to work fairly well. The chocolate is a nice quality, fairly smooth and creamy. The nuts seem pretty tasty as well, they seem fairly fresh and crunchy. I do however have two problems with this bar, but keep in mind they are pretty minimal ones. First of all, the nuts aren't that flavourful, I'm not sure why either. I can't really taste them, although they do create a nice texture. Maybe I'm just being a little too nitpicky.

The other problem I have with this bar is the lack of cashew nuts. Find me a can of mixed nuts without cashews and I'll show you a cheap nut producer. Cashews are the fine indulgence of mixed nuts, and these totally lack them. I know they're a little more expensive than the other nuts, but they could be a nice addition.