Hershey 'n' More "Caramel Cookie Bar"


What ever, that's about all I have to say about this bar. I can't say that it's bad, I mean it taste fine. The chocolate is a little cheap, and it could maybe use a little more caramel, but nothing that makes it horrible. The cookie was also ok, although I think it could have used a little more flavour, its really just there for the texture. The bar might have been a little better if they used a cookie with a bit more of a shortbread or butter flavour.

The caramel is almost non-existent but maybe the proportion wouldn't have been such a problem if the cookie were better. I guess what I'm saying is texturally this bar is perfect but flavour wise it just really lacks anything. I guess if you're looking for something that's not exciting or too decadent this will fill the gap, but for me I just needed something a little more.

This is one of the examples of a candy company putting a bar together without understanding how the flavours work together. Some people believe that simply throwing a bunch of popular candy bar ingredients will get you a perfect candy bar, but that’s just not true. It takes a good balance of texture and flavours to make a great bar like this. This Caramel Cookie Bar just doesn’t have it.