May 2024




Cizmeci Time

It’s hard to write a review of this kind of cookie without comparing it to Oreo cookies. If you think about that, it’s kind of unfair since many believe that Oreo didn’t even invent this particular form of cookie. I guess one could say that Oreo has made the best/most popular version, so while it may or may not have created the format, at least we know they do it well. For me it also helps to have something that I figure most people have tried to compare it to.

In general I’d say I don’t like these as much as Oreo cookies. The big problem is that these cookies are lacking in flavour. There are two flavours involved with this kind of cookie, chocolate and vanilla. Both have to be well balanced, but also strong enough that you can actually taste them. As you might imagine, the problem I have with these cookies is that both of these flavours are pretty weak. I would describe the chocolate cookies as a cheap milk chocolate flavour, as opposed to the strong dark chocolate of Oreos. The vanilla was even weaker, the cream basically tasted like cream, and not a vanilla cream.

While I wasn’t a big fan of these, there was one aspect that I really enjoyed. The icing on these seemed to be a lot softer than that of an Oreo. Oreo cookie icing is almost hard, and sometimes can be peeled off like a slightly hardened Plasticine. This icing on the other hand felt like real icing. I attempted to peel it off one of the cookies and all I could do is scrape it. While it’s not enough to make these great cookies, it’s something I would love to see in Oreo cookies. Maybe in the future they could make a softer icing version.