January 2024








Hi-Chew "Fizzy Cola"


This candy brings up one of the most interesting questions about cola flavoured treats, is cola sour? When I drink a can of cola, sour is rarely my first reaction. In fact many argue that most colas are overly sweet. The thing is, if you really think about cola as a flavour, there is a slight acidity to it. I feel as though if that acidity was removed you’d notice it. I particularly notice this acidity when I drink flat cola. So in some ways I do believe that cola is sour, but it somehow isn’t the main flavour.

That’s where these cola flavoured chewy cubes are a little odd, they’re very sour. I would actually describe them as sour cola chews, rather than just cola. Don’t get me wrong, the flavour is unmistakably cola, but you’re instantly hit with a super sour flavour that even made my mouth pucker up a little bit. There have been a few other cola treats that have gone the more sour route, and I have a theory about why this is.

I figure that all of these cola flavoured treats lack one of the most important features of cola, the carbonation, so they have to overcompensate in other ways. Sour is a great way to give a flavour a punch, even if it’s a little too sour. I figure that because these chews are neither bubbly or a liquid, sour is a fun way to hit you strong with the flavour. Having said that, I feel like it might be interesting to try and make a cola flavoured treat that has the bubbles. My first instinct would be to use fizzing candy.

While Pop Rocks would be my first choice (I’m not sure if they already make a cola flavoured Pop Rock), there’s no reason they couldn’t add some fizziness to these chewy cubes. There are a few ways in the candy world to add a popping sensation, and these cubes could easily achieve this great texture. Then maybe they could calm the sour a bit and still have a really great cola flavour. It would also suite the name “Fizzy Cola” a little better.