The package of this candy made me misjudge it completely. Normally when a candy package makes me misjudge the candy inside it's because of the artwork on package. This package on the other hand has almost no indication of what might actually be inside, but when you feel the package, it feels like it's going to be a hard candy. Also, when you look at the package, you assume something minty. The minty part was dead on; however, the texture I was expecting (a hard candy) was completely different. Instead of a hard candy these are soft chewy mints.

They look like a log of blue taffy rolled in a thin wall of white taffy. It was also really, really soft. Once I got this out of the tight package it almost melted in my hands. The second I put it in my mouth it truly did melt into a comfortable soft goo. It required almost no chewing at all, and left my mouth with a nice minty aftertaste.

It's obvious that these candies are designed to be an after-dinner mint, but it's nice that they didn't go the traditional hard candy route, or the soft minty chocolate. I like the idea of eating a soft piece of minty taffy after a meal. After all, you've just eating a huge dinner so your mouth might need a break from all that chewing and this soft taffy is like giving your teeth a minty pillow to sleep on.