Hot Tamales "Licorice Flavoured Jelly Beans"

Just Born

To me this snack seems like a particular waste of time. In fact, the idea of a full bag of only licorice jellybeans is the opposite of something I might want. I'm not a big fan of licorice jellybeans and as some astute readers may note, my favourites are red and mint green jellybeans. So, you can only imagine how much I dread trying this bag of beans out. Having said that I'm made a few promises in my life over the years, one of which is the promise to try and gain a favourable taste for licorice.

These beans could be just the ticket for that as well. As I put them into my mouth the flavour was nice and sweet, not like that burning astringent flavour I so often get when eating stronger licorice. I always get the sense that the burning part is what I don't like about black licorice. With these the flavour is somewhat mild. Best of all the flavour doesn't get particularly strong later on either.

I'm not sure if I could eat a whole bag of these, but after eating a few I'm starting to feel better about the idea of licorice in general. So, for me these licorice jelly beans work pretty darn well. I'm kind of surprised that they're not stronger considering the "Hot Tamales" line of treats is generally known to be very potent, but you can bet that I'm not going to complain.