December 2023

Hot Wheels Gummy Candy


As a candy on it’s own, these Hot Wheels gummies are pretty good. There are three flavours in each package, lemon, berry (blue maybe?) and red (cherry or fruit punch). Okay, maybe the flavours are a little vague, but each colour has a very distinct flavour, and the flavour feels like it matches well with the candy. The texture is also really great. Those of us who eat a lot of gummies will agree that there are many different textures that gummies can have. Some are harder than others, some are also chewier than others. These gummies are nice and soft, but still have a pretty good chew to them. It’s slightly challenging to bite through them, but not so much that your jaw is going to get sore at all.

While these are fine and tasty gummies, there are a few problems when it comes to the visual design and quality control. We might be able to call the quality control problem to be a particular anomaly, but let me just say that I got a lot of lemon yellow gummy cars. In fact in my bag of about 20 or 30 gummies all but 3 of them where yellow. I got two red and one blue one. Maybe it’s a factory accident, but it did turn me off a bit. Design wise I’m a little disappointed about the shape of these gummies. The care design is nice enough, but each car was exactly the same. I always associate Hot Wheels with many varieties of cars, so it was disappointing that each car gummy was exactly the same. I wouldn’t have minded getting some doubles, but a little variety would have been nice.

If you buy this because you want to eat some tasty gummies, you’ll probably be happy enough. This is particularly true if you really like lemon gummies. If you’re into the fun and variety of Hot Wheels, and you want a treat to celebrate that, you’ll probably be a little disappointed.