Ice Chips Candy "Root Beer Float"

Ice Chips Candy

The folks at Ice Chips Candy offer a few flavours of their treat, and of all the flavours "root beer float" was the one that grabbed my attention. I've had a lot of root beer flavoured candies in my day, but very few of them are actually root beer float flavoured. The candies themselves interested me because it uses Xylitol, which is the current trendy sweetener of the moment. As much as this might surprise you, I'm a big fan of fake sugars (as I like to call them) and I feel they have an important role in the candy world. In some cases, they're good because they allow people with a reduced sugar diet to eat something sweet tasting, or in the case of these candies, they actually give them an interesting quality.

We should start with the flavour, I have to admit, that was the only real disappointment I had with these. It's not that they tasted bad, I just didn't get anything other than root beer from them. I was expecting some kind of root beer mixed with a creamy flavour, but all I got was root beer. Fortunately, the root beer was pretty tasty, and it worked very well with the candy itself. I was just a little disappointed that there wasn't anything that made these feel "floaty".

The most interesting thing about these candies however has to be the texture. The texture is shaped two ways with these. First of all, when you open the tin you're not given similarly shaped candies, what you get is what looks like a bunch of broken glass. It works fairly well for these candies until you get to the end and all you have left are tiny pieces (because you've likely eaten all the big pieces first). The other texture feature of these candies comes from what I assume is the sweetener. After sucking on these candies for a few minutes, they start to dissolve very quickly. One minute you're a fraction of the way through your candy, then suddenly it's gone. I actually really liked this feature, and it made them a quick nice treat, instead of a chore to suck down to nothing.

All in all these are pretty good. The flavour is nice, and the texture is fantastic. If I'm to believe the package, they're also not that bad for you either.