Puccho Stick "Grape"


People often ask me what the difference is between two similar treats. For example, how can one cherry gum be better than another cherry gum, or how can one chocolate cake treat can be better than the next. An appropriate question for this particular review is, how might one grape chew candy can be better than another? Well this treat is the perfect place to answer that question. Let us look at how you can make a better grape chewy candy.

In the case of these Puccho Stick “Grape”, better comes from a texture that I can only describe as chewy with a bounce. It's not as if your teeth just indiscriminately sink into this these taffy-like cubes, instead your teeth are met with a little bouncy resistance. These taffy cubes only get better, because each of them is filled with little gummy beads that affect not only the look of the treat but also the flavour and texture. These Puccho Sticks are gifted with a grape flavour that isn't realistic, but a perfect blend of sweet and sour. Sure, a perfectly realistic grape flavour would be great, but no other candy company has ever come close, so in my opinion fake grape flavour is much better.

This treat isn't the best treat in the world, but as far as taffy like chews go, it's got to be one of the best.