It’s really strange, I don’t like coffee, I don’t even like those mocha coffee fancy drinks, but give me a chocolate covered coffee bean and I’m good. The main point of this candy is to get caffeine into your body; it’s apparently loaded with it. I don’t know if it has more or less than your average chocolate covered coffee beans, but apparently it has a lot. That’s probably a good thing since as I write this I’ve been up since dawn with virtually no sleep.

The thing to remember though is that this is the not the “How Much Energy do you get Critic”, I am the Candy Critic so I’m here to talk about how it tastes. The good news is they’re pretty sweet with just a little coffee bitter taste at the end. Also, unlike most chocolate covered coffee beans these have a candy coating as well as a chocolate coating. This candy coating would be nice if the box of Jitter beans ends up in your pocket on a warm sunny day. It’s also good for keeping melted chocolate off your sticky sweaty hands.

The candies themselves come in two colours, white and brown/black, and from what I can tell it makes no difference between the two. I can’t tell you how the “Super Energy” part is working out yet, but the “Super Taste” is “Somewhat OK”.