Johnny Apple Treats


If you love most apple candies, then there's a chance you may not like these. I say this because I actually didn't mind these that much, and I generally hate apple flavoured candies. While I wouldn't say that there's no apple flavour in this candy at all, I would say that it's very minimal. There is a fairly sweet flavour that comes at the beginning and end of this candy, and in the middle there's a super sour bit. I guess you could say apple is the strongest fruit flavour of this candy, but that's only because it's the only fruit flavour.

As you put this candy in your mouth you get the only real apple flavour you’re going to get in this candy, and it's very subtle. It's mostly just a sweet fruity flavour, with a slight apple hint. Then as you suck through the apple, you're suddenly hit with a thin sour layer, and it's pretty powerful. So powerful that you almost forget the sweet apple outer coating. When the thin sour layer starts to die down in your mouth, you're left with a sweet ball. It's sweet and tastes like slightly burnt hard candy, but in a good way. In fact, the sweet burnt candy flavour is part of the reason I really liked these.

One thing I couldn't figure out about this candy was how you're supposed to eat them. While they are slightly hard, they're soft enough that you feel the urge to bite into them. The outer layers are really soft, and the candy center is very brittle. It's also really strange to have so many small candies packaged the way these are, and be expected to suck them all. It would take a year to go through this box of Johnny Apple Treats if you were to even attempt to suck them.

I'm not sure how to eat them, but either way it might be the best apple candy I've ever eaten. That's only because they barely tasted like apple at all.