Jolly Rancher "Watermelon"

Jolly Rancher

There aren’t too many candies in the world that I avoid, but this is one of them. Sure, there are plenty of candies that I’ve reviewed that I will now avoid (unless some candy companies can prove that they’ve improved), but this is a candy that I’ve avoided reviewing. There are a few treats on that have been on this list, and even a few that turned out to be better than I remember/thought. These watermelon Jolly Ranchers are not going to fall into that category. While I know that my opinions on this candy are my opinions, I’ll try to spend the rest of this review explaining why I truly dislike these, and as it turns out, will continue to dislike these after this review.

The problem with this candy comes down to the flavour. Watermelon flavoured candy is a flavour that I just can’t wrap my head around. I’ve never had a watermelon candy that’s actually reminded me of a real watermelon, ever. Maybe this is just the kind of fruit that can’t be replicated in synthetic form, I can accept that. You might be thinking that there are many candy flavours that don’t taste like the original, why would this be any different. This is true, I’m actually a big fan of fake cherry, grape, and sometimes even orange flavours. While these flavours taste nothing like the real fruit, I find the flavour to be pleasurable, and in some ways represents the fruit. This fake watermelon flavour, that is common in the candy world, is just not something I enjoy. It’s a gross flavour in my opinion, and it doesn’t even give me a sense of watermelon. I’m not sure if this is totally true, but I even feel like this fake watermelon flavour gives me a bit of a headache.

I can’t say that this candy is a complete failure. I’m a big fan of the hard yet sticky texture of Jolly Ranchers, and these certainly have that. While I normally love the fact that Jolly Ranchers also always have powerful flavours, in this case I wish it was a bit more subdued. I don’t blame Jolly Rancher for my dislike of this candy, I’m sure if you’re a fan of fake watermelon candies (please send me a message and tell me why), then you’ll probably love these. I will, on the other hand, try my hardest to never eat another one of these for as long as I live. I’m not sure if I will be able to achieve this, but I’ll do my best.