Jule Skum


I could go on to tell you that I decided to write this review because I felt it was the perfect representation of Christmas and therefore a perfect Christmas review, but that would be a lie. Or that it comes from Sweden (one of the great countries that has created many Christmas traditions), but that would be a lie as well. The reason I chose to review this treat is because the name made me giggle, as did the fact that this bag is filled up with what looks like little naked Santa Claus's.

I'm glad I chose this reason to review this treat, because frankly as a candy it doesn't really work for me. I only say this because I'm not really a huge fan of marshmallows on their own. The texture just kind of grosses me out, unless it’s cooking on the end of a stick over an open fire. These marshmallows are particularly strange because they're extra chewy as well. So, what I'm stuck with is a marshmallow texture that takes even longer to eat, this is not a good thing.

The flavour on the other hand is actually really good. It appears to be cherry flavoured and a nice sweet cherry flavour to boot. That does beg the question, what does cherry have to do with Christmas? However, I'm not going to argue that right now because it's really the only thing I enjoyed about this snack. Other than the name and the fact that they look like little naked Santa Claus's.