Welcome to the home of Junk Fud, a series of short podcasts about the food we love to eat. Several times a month we'll release a new episode for you to enjoy. Our regular segments include:

Junk Fud On The Road - Let Allison and Chris regale you with tales of their travels, and what they ate.

Junk Fud and You - Interesting stories as well as interviews with experts in the field of snacking and junk food.

Chris, Why Would You Eat That - Chris eats very questionable things in this video blog.

Junk Fud News (On hold, old episodes available) - We look back at the snack news from the past month.

Junk Fud History (On Hold, old episodes available) - Chris tells you all about the history of a snack or snack food company.

Junk Fud 1.0 - Our early attempts at podcasting... it didn't always go well, not that it's going perfectly now.

All our episodes are free to download and enjoy on any of your devices.

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