June 2023





Kat Kat Tat


This might be the flakiest packaged pastry I’ve ever eaten. That’s an impressive statement considering I’ve reviewed a classic pastry treat called Flakie, and this was flakier. I think the reason it’s flakier than any other pastry before is the fact that it’s a bit dryer than most packaged pastries. Don’t get me wrong, I think the goal of this pastry is to be flaky, but I might go out on a limb and say that this might be a little too flaky. It was flaky to a fault, as the place where I ate it is now forever covered in crumbs. Just taking it out of the package was an exercise in patience and steady hands.

While it was messy, the flaky crust did allow for a nice crunchy texture. I had to bite carefully, but there was certainly a nice crunch all the way through. The chocolate and hazelnut cream on the inside was a nice counter balance, but honestly it was probably not enough. My biggest complaint about this treat was that it needed more filling both for texture and flavour. The chocolate hazelnut cream was tasty enough, but it needed a lot more flavour and just a lot more.

I’ll be honest, I was so focused on trying to keep this pastry from falling apart in my hands and dropping millions of flaky crumbs all over the floor than I was the flavour. I would argue that if the flavour of the cream in the middle was a little bolder I probably would have thought about it a little more. The concept for this pastry is pretty good, it’s both a classic pastry, yet something you don’t really see that much in the package pastry world. Did I mention it’s flaky, I mean really flaky.