October 2023






KC’s Cracked Corn

Kimmie Candy Company

This might be the longest description I’ve ever seen on a package of candy. The candy is described as “chocolate covered candy coated soft roasted corn nuggets”. Just about every word can be commonly found in many candies, except the words “soft roasted corn”. I’m not really sure what soft roasted corn is, but I assume it’s something like Corn Nuts. Both the corn in these, and the corn in Corn Nuts are a bit of a mystery to me, since they’re both crunchy, but not as hard as something like popcorn. They’re also very often larger kernels of corn than I would associate with something like popcorn or corn on the cob. I’m sure there’s a process and variety of corn that makes this treat, but I don’t know enough about it to make any comments.

Needles to say, I do on occasion enjoy eating Corn Nuts (or treats similar to them), so I figured that covering them in chocolate and candy might be a fun tasting experience. I would best describe this experience as a little weird. It’s not really weird in a bad way, but my taste buds feel a little confused each time I bite into one of these Cracked Corn treats. There are several flavours that I completely understand, sweet from the candy, salty, and even a little bit of chocolate. There is however a great odd flavour that my brain can’t figure out. I assume that it’s the corn flavour, but it doesn’t actually taste like corn. This is probably due to the fact that the other flavours are messing with my mind and making the corn flavour taste a little weird.

This is both a good thing and a bad thing. I feel like for the most part the folks at Kimmie got the balance pretty right. My only comment might be to add a little more chocolate as it seemed to be fairly thin. The corn, sweet and salt flavour balanced well, but it seemed to make the corn taste like something other than corn, something I can’t really describe.

If you’re an adventurous food eater, I would most certainly suggest you give these a try. You might not love them, but I can’t think of anything I’ve ever tasted that’s like this at all. Originality is important to me in the candy world, and this most certainly has that.