Creamy Coconut Patties "Key Lime"

Anastasia Confections

I think I've said this a thousand times; I don't really like coconut. That makes reviewing a treat like this so difficult. While I don't like coconut, I know that lots of people do, after all why would they make so many coconut based treats if no one liked them. I can say that over the last few years, as I get older, my tolerance for coconut has improved. In the past I would avoid anything with coconut in the ingredients, where as today I appreciate coconut as a flavour as long as it's the dominant ingredient.

So I'll start this review with this warning, there's a lot of coconut in this treat, and because of this, I didn't really like it. If you're a coconut fan, you'll probably enjoy the subtle key lime flavour and chocolate. If you're like me, you probably think that there could have been more chocolate and a much stronger key lime flavour. I think the one thing either side of the coconut loving spectrum could agree on is the quality of the key lime flavour. It seemed a little bit fake. I would have much preferred a more realistic citrus flavour. Real citrus works very well with both coconut and chocolate, and it would have made this treat a lot more bearable.

The chocolate was OK, but it wasn't great. It was a good choice to use dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate as that works better with the key lime flavour and the coconut. The texture of the chocolate was a little waxy, but not too bad. The texture of the coconut was pretty much what one might expect, chewy, so you can imagine how I felt.

This isn't a bad bar, if you like coconut it would be pretty good. It could be improved with slightly higher quality ingredients, particularly a better key lime flavour and slightly better chocolate. I don't think I could really ever love this treat in its current format, but it wouldn't be the same bar if you changed the amount of coconut.