Kinder Bueno


When it comes to Kinder treats, the Kinder Egg is really the most well known of them all. Americans covet Kinder Eggs because they're illegal in the USA. They're illegal because according to US law the little capsule that holds the toy is a choking hazard. The thing is, the folks at Kinder make many other treats, like this Bueno bar, but unfortunately since the eggs never took off in the US, few people know of these other treats.

When it comes to Kinder Eggs, I’m an exception to the rule, I like the chocolate more than the prize inside (in other words if they took the toy out of the equation both I and the US government would be happy with Kinder Eggs). Sure, there are a few prizes that are better than the chocolate, but for the most part the egg is the thing for me. Because of this, I'm always excited to try a new form of Kinder chocolate, even if I don't get a prize. The Bueno bar is a great example of the fine chocolate available in the Kinder line of chocolate treats. It's milky, smooth, and tasty.

In the case of the Bueno, there are a few aspects that I really like, and a few that I think could be improved. I really like the smooth hazelnut cream in the centre of this bar. It's so nice to have hazelnut that doesn't have chocolate mixed into it. Nutella is great, but hazelnut is also fine on its own. The wafer surrounding the hazelnut is also very nice, it's nice and crunchy, and holds the cream perfectly.

The first fault to this bar is the texture. Sure, the wafer is nice, but it's not really enough to contrast the cream. I think some kind of nut in the hazelnut cream would really improve this bar, maybe even a hazelnut. The texture didn't ruin this bar, but it could have really been improved with a little bit of contrast. The other fix that would have improved this bar is the quantity of chocolate on the outside. It was really just there for looks more than adding anything to the taste or texture of this bar.