When I first came across this treat, I found it in a strange place. Instead of being found with the other chocolate bars in the candy isle or near the front cash, I found this bar in the dairy case. I assumed that the Delice bar had to be kept cold because it contained some kind of milk ingredient that would spoil quickly in room temperature. It wasn't until a few years later that I saw them once again, but this time just sitting on a shelf at my grocery store, as well in the dairy case. I assumed that this was a mistake, but I started seeing it on more and more shelves at other grocery stores as well as dairy cases. So now I assume that this bar does not require refrigeration, however it might be better served chilled. For this review, I’m not really sure how I should be eating the Delice bar. Since I saw it in the dairy case first, I guess chilled is probably the best bet.

My first reaction when I bit into this bar is, “maybe it's better warm”. First of all, I'm not really sure if this is supposed to be a chocolate treat, or a cake treat. I'm assuming cake treat only because there's very little chocolate in it. There's also very little icing in the middle, so I'm instantly disappointed by the message that the package conveys. I was expecting a creamy chocolate treat, but instead I got a little cream, a little chocolate, and a slightly wet cake.

To be clear, the cake is not moist, as you'd want a cake to be, it is wet. I assume that's because it was in my refrigerator, and cakes can sometimes build up condensation if not stored properly. The cake wasn't that tasty either, it didn’t lack flavour, it just wasn't chocolaty. The flavour was something more of a boozy or liquor flavour, but without any actual booze. The chocolate and cream added almost nothing to the flavour either.

Maybe I'll try the Delice bar again outside of the dairy case, but frankly I can't see it improving much.