I think it'd be neat if these were black and white with the logo from the band Kiss all over them. Although the problem might be that the whole word “KISS” wouldn’t fit on these tiny little candy coated chocolate drops. Maybe you could have the letters “K”, “I”, and “S” on each, and you could put them together yourself. Do you hear me Gene Simons, this is a marketing idea you actually haven’t thought of yet. Well, maybe it wouldn't be that cool, but I happened to be listening to "Rock and Roll All Night" while doing this review so it came to mind.

This is really one of those treats where I'm not too sure if it's a new candy or just a variation. Maybe it's a variation of the classic Hershey’s Kisses with too many degrees of separation. Objectively, these Kissables aren't too bad. I thought they'd be a little bit like Smarties, but the chocolate is really different. It's something I've never thought of before, the difference between Hershey’s Kisses chocolate and Smarties (or M&M) chocolate. Chocolate-wise, I'm not sure which I like more, but this isn't bad at all. The colours are nice too, but I'd like to see a purple added if possible.

I'm going to go finish the bag of these. If you want something tasty with a name that describes the Candy Critic, then go for 'em.