Kisses "Coconut Creme"


I can't say I'm really looking forward to this particular review. Well I'm not really sure if I am. Let me explain. I love coconut cream pies, and it's one of the only ways I like coconut. For some reason that tasty cool cream really puts a smile on my face. The thing I'm not really sure about is if they could possibly fit all the great things about coconut cream pies into a Hershey's Kiss. I'm more of the opinion that these are going to be like a Mounds bar, basically just coconut covered in chocolate.

It just took one bite to discover that the cool cream I was hopping for really doesn't seem to be around, it's not as densely filled with coconut as a Mounds bar but there is a little more coconut than I would have liked. The high ratio of chocolate does cover it up a little bit, but if covering up the coconut flavour is what I wanted why not just go and get a plain bag of Kisses instead.

Maybe that might be my suggestion for all you coconut haters out there in this case, avoid this and just go for a bag of regular Kisses. However, if you do like coconut then these might be right up your alley. They're not that overly sweet, or at least the cream isn't, so the flavour of the coconut is pretty strong, but not so strong that you go running for the hills either. Man, I can't decide if I don't like these or not. I guess I just have to admit that they're ok, but I couldn't eat a full bag, or really more than 5.