Kit Kat Chunky "Double Caramel"


If you're not really a candy enthusiast, you might be a little confused at the idea of the double caramel bar. I don't think many people really give much thought about the many textures that caramel can take. It's nice that Nestle decided to make a bar that highlights the fact that there are many different kinds of caramel. Unfortunately, I don't think Nestlé’s done a very good job at doing this.

For the most part I think this bar is tasty. Kit Kat Chunky is a great bar, and it often lends itself to adding a few extra ingredients. I even think that caramel is a fine choice. The problem I have with this bar is the fact that they're using this bar to highlight the variety of textures that caramel has to offer, however both caramels aren't really that different. I bit into each caramel side of the bar and had a really hard time distinguishing them. I even tried to scrape off the caramel portions without the wafer, and I still had a hard time distinguishing the two.

I think the biggest problem with this bar is the lack of caramel. Sure, you can taste a slight caramel throughout each and every bite. The problem lies in the amount of caramel you need to truly feel the difference between the crunchy caramel and the soft caramel. The caramel layer on each bar is so thin that you really don't get to enjoy the different textures. Once you ad all of the wafers and chocolate that come with a Kit Kat Chunky bar, the caramel either soft or crunchy is totally lost.

The idea of playing with different textures of caramel is a great idea, revolutionary even. I just think Nestle might have been better off creating a bar that was just caramel covered in chocolate to do it. You really need a simple bar to highlight the different caramels, and the Kit Kat bar is too busy to do it.