Kit Kat "Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate"


Sometimes I sample a bar that is so close to being great, but one thing lets me down. Depending on the ingredient, this one thing can take it down a little or take it down a lot. Unfortunately in this case the one thing that didn't work with this bar took it down a lot. On paper there's nothing wrong with this Kit Kat bar at all. The only thing one could fault about the concept of this bar would depend on how you feel about mint and chocolate together. Fortunately I'm a big fan of these two ingredients together or apart, so on paper this bar really should work. To sweeten (pun totally intended) the possibilities of this bar, it's a Kit Kat, one of if not my favourite candy bar in the world. It seems like this bar just can't lose, but one thing about it just ripped it from a sure fire hit to almost a complete failure.

The part of this bar that really fails is the quality of the chocolate. Normally chocolate quality is something I'm kind of flexible with. While I enjoy high quality chocolate, I also enjoy some cheap chocolates in the right context. The problem with this bar is that the context for cheap chocolate is all wrong. The part of this bar that's supposed to be special is the blend of mint and dark chocolate. The wafer is more of a texture than a flavour feature in this case. With the chocolate being really waxy and the dark chocolate flavour being really weak, it just doesn't work at all with the mint.

What you end up with is a waxy chocolate covered wafer that taste a little like mint. The mint flavour is not very powerful at all, but even worse is that this weak mint flavour overpowers the almost non-existent dark chocolate. I really wanted to have a nice deep chocolate treat with a cool minty blast. Even better is to have that with the great texture of a Kit Kat bar, but alas this was not what this bar delivered.

Everything about this bar on paper is perfect, design wise this bar is perfect, however the quality of the chocolate ruins what should have been a great snacking experience.