Kit Kat Chunky "Koubashi (fragrant) Almond And Coffee"


Coffee sure, almond I'm not so sure about. The first thing you smell and taste in this Kit Kat bar is coffee. There is no doubt at all that coffee is involved with this bar, and if you don't like coffee you probably won't like this bar very much. Having said that, there is something different about this bar, there's a certain flavour that dulls down the coffee flavour a bit and makes it a little sweeter. It might be the chocolate, or it might be the almonds.

The thing about the almonds is I don't really taste almonds exactly. As I said before, there's a certain secondary flavour in this bar that's calming the coffee flavour, but I wouldn't describe it as an almond flavour. In fact, I wouldn't describe any part of this bar as having an almond flavour at all. There's also no almond texture to be found either. Having the word almond on the package seems like a bit of a problem to me. It would have been nice to incorporate the almond a little more in this bar. If it is in fact the thing dulling the coffee flavour than it might have been nice to use small pieces of almond to add to the texture as well.

This is a fairly good Kit Kat bar. If you like coffee you'll like it a bit more than I did. Having said that, as far as coffee Kit Kat bars go, it's not so bad. Something has repressed the coffee flavour just a little and eliminated the strong bitter flavour and I like that. If it is the almond that’s great, but I still think you could us a little more almond.