Kit Kat "Pink"


I get the feeling that this bar was not really well thought out, like it was some kind of last minute marketing plan. If it was any other bar, I would have said it was kind of disappointing, but since I know that Nestle can do so much better with Kit Kat bars, this bar is really disappointing. I think I know what they were trying to attempt with this bar, but it just fails on so many levels.

I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy this bar, after all it’s a Kit Kat bar. The chocolate was smooth and the wafers were crunchy, just like the regular Kit Kat bar. The problem with this bar starts with the notion of “pink”. I’m not sure what they were going for when they named this bar, because as far as I know pink isn’t a flavour. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that pink has symbolism in our society. It’s the colour that often represent breast cancer awareness, as well as a common colour associated with love. I assume that this bar is going for the latter, likely it’s a bar from Valentines Day, leftovers.

That as a theme is okay, the next step however is where things fall apart. While the bar says it’s pink, and even has pink hearts all over it. The pink colour is poorly represented in the bar itself. The only pink thing in this bar are two stripes of thin cream between the wafers. These pink stripes are virtually invisible when you bite into the bar.

Then there’s the flavour, or what I assume is the flavour. The package says “limited edition flavour” and there’s a picture of a strawberry. When I opened the bar, I could very vaguely smell strawberry, but the flavour was very weak. If I concentrated, I think I could sort of taste strawberry, and after I finished the bar there may have been a very faint strawberry aftertaste. If I was to eat this bar blindly, I would never have caught that flavour, I would just say that the bar tasted a little funny/fruity.

I think Nestle could have done so much with the love/pink theme, but instead they go the lazy route and just put a couple of thin pink stripes in their regular bar. It might have been better if this was something new, but Nestle even makes a better strawberry Kit Kat already. This is big marketing for a really lazy bar.