Kit Kat "White and Milk Chocolate"


This is a perfect example of how to take a perfect chocolate bar, and make it average. This Kit Kat appears to have been designed by someone who wanted to make something that looked neat, with no thought about how it would taste, or how well the idea could be executed. I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm not a huge fan of white chocolate, but I think even the biggest white chocolate connoisseur (if such a person exists) wouldn't like this bar very much.

The biggest problem with this bar is the flavour. The flavour is both weak and strange. It doesn't offer a strong creamy or cocoa flavour at all, in fact the flavour it offers reminds me of chocolate that’s gone slightly off. This isn't the only problem either. I imagine the look of the bar, white top with a milk chocolate brown bottom was the selling point of this bar, but it's kind of sloppy. The division between the two colours is a little uneven, and the line between the two types of chocolate is very wavy. Maybe this was a design choice, but even so, I think it would work better if it was a little neater.

The concept for this bar does have hope, and it's fairly simple. My first suggestion would be to use dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate as it has a much stronger cocoa flavour. Also, use a stronger flavored white chocolate, maybe with a hint of vanilla. Then make sure the division between the two types of chocolate is perfect so that it shows a sense of balance. Because that's what this bar should be all about, balance.