Hi-Chew "Kiwifruit"


Wow! Kiwi flavoured candy. Kiwi is a really rare candy flavour, and I’m not really sure why. Visually kiwis are very unique, and it would finally give candy companies something other than apple to flavour their green coloured candies. The flavours of kiwi are subtle, but they are pretty distinct. Maybe I’m being deceived, maybe this is just set dressing for another flavour of candy.

The package has big pictures of a kiwi and when I opened it up it sure smelled like kiwi. Hey neat, it also has little black speckles in the candy to make it look like a kiwi. Wait a minute, this tastes nothing like a kiwi. In fact, it has no particular taste at all. Why would the world treat me so cruelly as to promise the great fun-filled candy with the flavour of kiwi and only make it look, smell, and represent them visually.

This was what you might call a bit of a disappointment. With all the hype of kiwi I was expecting big kiwi taste and I was denied this joy. It's not that it tasted bad, it just wasn't kiwi. It did however remind me of "Bonkers", a treat I don't see enough now a days.