Klik La-Hit


I found this particular treat on an adventure to a grocery store that was way too big for it's own good. The thing about these giant box grocery stores is you really have to search hard for things that you want, however if you keep your eyes open, you'll always find things that may be pretty cool. For example, I found this bar in the Kosher isle with a whole bunch of other treats. I didn't even know this store had a kosher isle, let alone one that had a whole bunch of treats that I'd never tried before.

The bar itself is a whole lot lighter in weight than I would have thought by just looking at the package. I don't try and estimate weight when I buy a bar but for some reason it always runs through my head just before I pick them up. Maybe it's my body preparing for what I'm about to lift. The light weight is mostly due to the cookie bits of this bar. Maybe bits is a bad word to use because this bar is mostly cookies. It's light crunchy and pretty good cookies too.

The middle of the cookie is full of a hazel nut type cream. This was the highlight of the whole snack too. It was kind of whitish in colour and really tasty. This hazelnut flavour pretty much took over for all the other flavours in this bar. That's not really a bad thing because it was good but it might have been neat to have tasted the chocolate a little.

This leads me to the chocolate. It had chocolate on the outside that was pretty much forgettable. It was okay but not the greatest. The chocolate could have been a lot strong in flavour because it was lost on the hazelnut cream in the centre of the cookie.