December 2022






Kool-Aid Gum "Tropical Punch"


I’ve come to a conclusion about this Kool-Aid gum. It comes because this is not the first Kool-Aid gum that I’ve tried, however it’s the first time I’ve tried it in perfect conditions. The first time I tried Kool-Aid gum I tasted it outside, in really cold weather. When I bit into the stick of gum it was rock hard and crumbled in my mouth. I chalked this odd texture up to the gum being potentially frozen and decided not to mention it in the review. Eventually the gum got soft and it seem to come together fairly well.

This time I tasted this gum in much warmer condition, I’m not sure the exact temperature, but it was above 0. This time... the gum was rock hard again. So it appears that chalking the weird texture of this gum to cold weather was not a good idea, because this gum is in fact rock hard. For those of us who used to have get bubble gum in our baseball cards, you’ll probably be able to relate. The fact that I remember eating the gum in baseball cards gives this gum a little bit of nostalgia for me. Objectively though I don’t think it’s a good feature for bubble gum.

So what you get here is a piece of gum that has all the great texture and staying power of a piece of gum from baseball cards, but it doesn’t have that nostalgic flavour. This could be seen as a good thing since I knew many people who thought that baseball card gum tasted awful. This gum does not taste like that off minty regular bubble gum flavour, instead it tastes exactly like Tropical Punch Kool-Aid. This is a very good plus on their side. I wish the flavour lasted longer, but then it wouldn’t be like baseball card gum.

So I’m kind of divided about this gum. I like the flavour, and I like the nostalgic texture. I feel like I would have liked this gum much more if the texture was better, or if it actually tasted like baseball card gum. In some ways it both succeeds and fails at the same time.