May 2022



The theme of this candy is cows, from the weird cow on the package to the cow printed on each candy. I assume that this means there’s a creamy theme to this candy. I don’t assume that it’s real or fresh milk, but I figure it’s at the very least going to feel creamy. After opening the package I feel like I’m in for a creamy caramel, but instantly I realize I assumed too much.

What you get here is closer to a piece of fudge than a creamy caramel. There’s nothing really chewy about this candy at all, it’s more of a soft buttery texture with a bit of grain. The outside is also slightly harder than the inside. I’m pretty sure it’s all one type of candy, but either by getting stale or by cooling down the outer part of this candy has what I can only describe as a slight crunch. The grittiness is very subtle, I would almost describe it as a slightly harder texture variation through this candy.

Flavour wise it’s very creamy and has a burnt sugar flavour. I don’t know if I’d call it caramel really, but it’s also not really anything more than just a slightly burnt flavour and very sweet. It could be that the texture throws me off a bit. If I was to compare it to a treat I’ve had in the past, I’d say it’s fairly similar to sucre a la creme, a popular dessert in the province of Quebec.

One thing to note, I’ve had a few of these and I feel like one of them was lighter than the others. I’m not sure if there is an inconstancy or if I just saw the candy under a different light. Flavour and texture wise I didn’t notice any difference, so maybe it’s just me.