Lakerol Sugar Free Pastilles "Salvi"


So, the first question one might have about these little chewy treats is what flavour would “Salvi” be. It’s a fair question and not a simple one to answer based off the taste I got while chewing/sucking on these. But let’s start with what a pastille is first, just because I have a clear answer of that already. A pastille is a small little gummy like treat that you often suck on. The gummy is super dense thus making it hard to just chew through. It’s a fun sensation and it allows you to chew your candy without breaking it to bits. It almost feels like a little piece of leather only it doesn’t taste like cow.

I guess it’s back to trying to figure out the flavour, it appears that “Salvi” translated to English means “soapy foul-tasting licorice” or at least that’s what I get when I bite into one of these. It’s not often that I taste something so bad that I decide not to finish it; it’s even more rare that I decide that I have to not finish it in a hurry. Basically, you’re bombarded with a soap flavour that only gives you a bit of relief when you bite, but then you’re given a super strong licorice flavour when you do bite down.

Not only did I learn today what Salvi means, but I also learnt that a place to discreetly spit out anything with a Salvi flavour is not always available, and in some cases you just have to suffer a little longer.