La Vaca Lechera


This is one of those rare cases where there is no English on a package, yet I still have a pretty good idea what I'm getting into. What we have here is a basic caramel, likely made with cow’s milk. Now to some it might seem odd to advertise that fact that the caramel is made with cow’s milk, because all of their caramels are made with cow's milk. However, in South America I believe it's very common to see caramels made with goat’s milk as well. I've never had a side by side taste test of goat’s milk versus cow’s milk caramels, so I'm not sure if one is better than the other. I can tell you that I've had some pretty good goats milk caramels before, as well as some pretty good cows milk caramels as well.

Unfortunately, this particular cow’s milk caramel isn't what I would call stellar. Sure, it's not bad, but it's not the best caramel I've ever eaten, not even in the top 10. In fact, if this was my only opportunity to try cows milk caramel, I would assume that's that cows milk caramel pretty bad, and I would stick with the goat’s milk caramels instead. The problem with this caramel was that it was too creamy. I like a good creamy caramel, but if it tastes like I'm chewing on milk it's not right. There has to be some kind of burnt sugar flavour that blends with the smooth creamy milk. If it just tastes like burnt sugar it's too bitter, and if it tastes just like milk it's too bland. The balance is what's needed, and this candy doesn't have it.

It's not that this caramel was gross, it just wasn't that great.