IWAB "Sweet" (Sweet Hearts?)


It's not often that a major brand comes out with a snack that's totally foreign to me. It helps that this particular treat is from a country that I'm not as familiar with the types of snacks that they have, Thailand. I know I bit about Thai snacks, but I don't know if these sweet, heart shaped crunchy snacks are something that's been around Thailand for a while, or if it's something brand new. All I can say is that I've never tasted anything like these before.

The first shock was the size of each of the crunchy hearts. I was expecting them to be about the size of a Shreddie, or at the most about two centimeters wide. I would say that these were much closer to four or five centimeters wide, and almost two centimeters thick. The second shock I got from these is how unsweet they actually are. I was expecting them to be coated in a caramel coating, I thought they would be so sticky that they might even stick together. The fact is these really aren't that sweet or sticky at all. They really balance the line between being a sweet snack and a salty snack.

The lack of sweet was interesting, but it was also a little disappointing. I guess I think that they should be really sweet (or at least a lot sweeter than they are), and should taste and feel like you're eating caramel corn. While there is a slight sweet, caramel flavour, it's not nearly as sweet as any caramel corn that I've eaten. It was more like it had a hint of caramel, than actually being caramel flavoured. The heart shaped corn hearts had a much stronger flavour than any caramel flavouring on them, and it dominated each bite.

The best thing about this snack is the amazingly large crunchy hearts. They were fun to eat and the texture was perfect. I think they needed a lot more caramel to really satisfy me, but having said that, I think these would also work as a savory snack. You'd just have to get away from the caramel flavour, and go with something like sour cream and onion or cheese instead.