Life Savers "Butter Rum"


I'm not really sure why it's taken me so long to do a Life Savers review. Often with treats that have many flavours to choose from, I become slightly intimidated and wait a while to review them. I'm often deciding which flavour to review, and that gets in the way of sitting down to write a review. I often find myself at a store (candy or grocery) and I’m staring at a rack of Life Savers with sometimes dozens of different flavours to choose from. I weigh the options of writing a review for each and every flavour, then I think about the original flavours, then I think about my favourite flavours. My last course of action it to give up and get something else, that was until now.

I think it might also have to do with the fact that to me Life Savers are kind of a forgettable treat. I rarely find myself craving them, and almost never buy them. I see them on the shelf and I know they're around but I just never want them enough to really invest. If someone offers me one, I'll take it, but they just don't really catch my attention. I'm not sure if I'm the only person that feels this way, by all means let me know if you're a fanatic.

In this case, for the review, I chose a flavour that gave me some fond memories. When ever I used to get the "Life Savers Sweet Story Book" for Christmas I always loved the Butter Rum flavoured Life Savers. That's strange, because many people have told me the same, yet I find them kind of hard to find (compared to other flavours). This particular package of Life Savers didn't let me down either, it was butter rumtastic and made me smile when I “tried” to suck it. Sucking this candy proved to be very difficult because something in my head just makes me want to crunch down, I ate 3 and crunched them all. There's just something satisfying about the crunchy texture of a Life Saver that keeps you from sucking on them.

I was a happy boy crunching on these little rings. They taste pretty good, and for me they take me back to Christmas at my grandmothers.