Loukoum With Mastiha

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I think before I review this treat, I should point out one small fact. Loukoum is the Greek equivalent to Turkish Delight. There is much debate about the history of loukoumi/Turkish delight, as well as a great debate as to which is better. This is a debate that involves a great deal of history, and one that can really ruffle a few feathers if mentioned in the wrong context. As far as this particular treat, I imagine that loukoum with mastiha is not a traditional way of flavouring this treat, so I also don't want this review to reflect my opinion on the politics of loukoum VS Turkish Delight.

If you've never tried mastiha, the best way to describe is to say it's like licking a pine tree. The mastiha by itself is a very strong flavour, but used as a flavouring, the flavour can be more subtle. This is a good thing since I'm trying to figure out why people enjoy eating mastiha, because the strong flavour makes it hard for me to enjoy it at all. At the first moment of biting into this chewy cube, I thought that this would be the treat to turn me around, because the flavour was so subtle. But after a few chews the flavour hit pretty hard and it was overwhelming in no time.

I think the sweetness of the loukoum really does a lot to kill the pine tree flavour but only for a short period of time. If the sweet flavour could just hold on a little longer this would be a perfect way to eat mastiha. After all the texture is divine, and the size is just perfect.