Look "Happy Spring A La Mode"


I love it when two cultures can come together to make a chocolate bar filled with creams. It doesn't happen too often, in fact this might be the first, but I still like it. I say that it crosses two cultures because of the French "A La Mode" written on the package. Everything else about this treat is pretty much Asian.

The bar itself has four taste sensations to chose from. Sakura, which I believe is Cherry blossom, is a perfumed type of creamy flavour. Apricot, which I know is a small fruit that I enjoy, in this case it is a perfumed type creamy flavour. Peach, which I know I had for lunch today, is a perfumed type creamy flavour. And Ichigo Milk looks like strawberry and cream, it has a perfumed type creamy flavour.

So basically, these all have a very similar flavour in concept but each did have a subtle different flavour. The thing is none of the flavours seemed much like the real fruit it was representing, more like a fake flavour that would probably smell nice if used as a perfume. The chocolate wasn't anything to write home about either, it was pretty shinny and not very tasty at all.

The idea of this bar is much better than the sum of its parts. I would really like to eat the bar that thought I was getting, but alas all I got was mouthfuls of perfumed type creamy flavour.