October 2021

Lucky Elephant "Pink Candy Popcorn"

Poppa Corn

I don’t know what to say about this candy, other than I’m not sure it totally holds up as a candy. As a gimmick or as a treat that might bring back memories I feel like this candy hits a home run. The problem is as a candy on its own, I’m not sure I really enjoyed it that much. The gimmicks are simple but effective, we can even look at the retro design of the box and you have a pretty good idea of what you’re getting. The fact that “Free Prize Inside” is the first thing you read also says that this is a very heavy gimmick of a candy. There’s also the fact that this candy has been around for as long as I know. It tugs greatly on the part of my brain that houses fond childhood memories.

The problem is that I’m not sure objectively that this is a good candy. If I was to take this candy and give it to a kid that’s never tasted it before, or who hasn’t seen the box, I feel like they probably wouldn’t think much about this candy. I think it would be even harder to convince an adult that it’s good. For those out of the know, Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn is exactly what it says. It’s bright pink popcorn. The pink come from a thin candy coating, like you might find on caramel corn. The problem with this coating is that it has almost no flavour except sugar. Even if it did have a flavour it would be hard to figure it out since the coating on most of the popcorn is so thin that it would be really hard to pick it up. While I’m sure there’s some appeal to the fact that it’s pink, after a few bites I feel like that gimmick would die off a bit.

I guess I can give them some credit however in that the popcorn itself is pretty good. Sure it’s lacking any additional flavour, but as plain popcorn goes the texture was nice and crunchy and not stale at all. Since the pink stuff added little flavour, the flavour of the popcorn certainly did stand out.

This wasn’t a bad candy, and since I have so many childhood memories of getting this candy (mostly in search of a prize), I was happy to eat it. I don’t know if or to whom I could recommend this, but if you feel like you might also be flushed with great memories, or if you’re really keen on getting some “free” stickers, then maybe this is the treat for you.