Luden's "Orange Supllement Drops"


I like the idea of "supplement" drops, I like them because it's not only a great treat, but it gives you a shot of vitamin C. Although it could be argued that most of us get enough vitamin c in our diet, I like to top myself up a bit anyways. I particularly like the extra vitamin c this week because I seem to be surrounded by people that are sick. You don't find to many, if any, reviews of cough drops on this site. There are a few reasons for that, but I think it's mainly because I'm not sure if a cough drop is medicine more than a candy. The good thing about these is they're not really a medicine as much as they're a prevention to taking medicine.

Best of all these candies are actually pretty good. The package say's they're "made with real orange juice" and I can believe it. They have that slightly sour/bitter flavour you find in real oranges. This is nice because many orange candies try and take that out, but I like it. Just because it's a candy doesn't mean it has to be totally sweet, candy can also be about sour and bitter as well. Sure, these are mostly sweet, but a balance is needed, and these have it.

I'm not really sure exactly how much Vitamin C it takes to keep colds away, or if that's even true. I do know that eating these candies certainly makes trying to fight off my friends’ colds rather pleasant

Suck Time: 12 Minutes