Luden's "Wild Berry"


I never really know how to review throat drops. I feel bad simply reviewing them as candy, because they serve a secondary purpose. But I feel like I'd be lying to you if I went easy on the flavour just because they're also supposed to help you "sooth everyday throat irritation". I'll try and be fair with these, but why can't a throat drop taste great too. After all, I love chewable vitamin C pills, and I love the taste of children's aspirin, they both serve a secondary purpose.

The first thing you should note about these cough drops in the words "Assorted Flavors" on the package. You don't just get one multi-berried throat drop, you get a variety of throat drops, 3 in fact. It appears that one is grape (a berry?), one is strawberry, and one is raspberry. You can pretty easily tell that there are 3 varieties in the package by the colours, but I can only guess which one is which.

The darkest one (it's pretty purple in fact), is grape. It's got your standard imitation grape flavour that I love. Best of all it doesn't taste that medicine like at all either. The middle coloured drop kind of taste like cherry... hmmm, maybe it's the strawberry? No, really, it tastes like cherry, not raspberry or strawberry. It's good, but I can't place the flavour anywhere but cherry. The lightest candy definitely tastes like strawberry. It's a fine imitation strawberry flavour, and it works really well in these candies.

So, these throat drops ended up tasting pretty good, nothing spectacular or original, but not bad at all. I'm not sure exactly how they're supposed to help my throat, but they certainly don't hurt my taste buds. I should tell you, these don't appear to have any kind of menthol flavour at all, so I don't think they'd do anything for congestion.